feasibility study examines the practicability of a proposal, business venture or idea and the information it provides is essential to determine the future of any project.

Projects might appear to be very lucrative at the outset, but can have hidden obstacles (financial, legal, physical etc) which could seriously affect the development of the business or in some cases, even the launch itself !

Solna Leisure has the knowledge and experience to investigate and report on the essential elements of any business venture (both new and current) to give investors and / or management an impartial insight before any critical decisions are taken which will affect the future of the company / project.



Solna Leisure prides itself on providing a comprehensive and professional approach to any planned or existing project and operation. In the case of a new project, this would commence with initial feasibility study and progress to a realistic business plan that will give clients an accurate appraisal of their future business and development. 

Solna Leisure Management will effectively plan and work towards realistic goals in order to maximise the efficiency and profitability of the operation. All business plans and targets will be under the constant scrutiny of Solna Leisure Directors who are always on hand to give direction and guidance to ensure objectives are drawn and effectively achieved.



A holding company is a type of business that deals specifically with assets, investments and management, rather than providing goods and services with a view to making a profit from the success of its holdings.

Solna Leisure Holdings would always consider any offer of investment for a (small) share of any company managed by Solna Leisure, giving major shareholders the peace of mind that the management company was always acting in their best interests. A minor shareholding or profit share will always ensure a close relationship between management and investors / owners.